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Joe James - Originally from Wales, Joe moved to St Louis in 2007. Whilst visiting the Lakeland Outpouring in 2008 the Lord spoke to him about a Revival that would begin in St Louis and reach the world. In 2010 he co-founded a church with Joan Gieson who has worked with Benny Hinn for thirty years, and before that worked with Kathryn Kuhlman for nine years, up until Ms. Kuhlman's death.
Fire House Ministries International
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Travis Holland: Is a Apostolic Evangelist & co-founder of Foundations Ministries. He has been featured on Elijah List, Spirit Fuel, & 365 Prophetic. He has a heart to see Heaven invade Earth and to see people live out the kingdom dynamics they were called to. He has a heart for revival and flows heavily in words of knowledge and laying hands knowing that miracles, healings, signs, & wonders will manifest in people's lives. He has a heart to equip, encourage, edify, activate, and impart into those that are called to host His Presence in their area.
Foundations Ministries
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Chantie Holland:  Is a Prophetic Voice & co-founder of Foundations Ministries. Her heart is to see the Bride of Christ awakened and returned to their first love. To ignite their heart's with the fire of God. To see people figure out who God is and who He is in them. Her hearts desire is to help them discover and birth out their purpose. To free those that have been held captive by the enemy, to see blind eyes open, deaf ears hear, and to see people become the revival this world needs.
Foundations Ministries
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Dave and Connie Mazurk have been forever changed after encountering the Holy Spirit and experiencing the Love of God. They have boldly shared the gospel on the streets and prayed for the sick. Their house church ran for many years where people came from hours away to hear and see the gospel of the Kingdom demonstrated with many healings, signs and wonders occurring in the meetings. They can be reached here.